Why should IRM be your preferred provider?

We have 20 years experience in Supply Chain, Logistics, Manufacturing Operations, and Warehouse  Management Training and Consulting.

During this time we have achieved Four Supply Chain Education Excellence Awards, and have consistently maintained superior pass rates.

We offer Internationally accredited Professional Qualifications in addtition to SAQA accredited NQF aligned courses.



“We are not interested in the Bums on Seats approach.”

Our Approach: IRM consistently achieves pass rates higher than the national average. We do this by carefully matching the needs of our clients and prospective learners with the appropriate programme.

Corporate & Individual Training: We offer in-house, bespoke and public courses.

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"IRM avoids “quick-fix” approaches"

We prefer a systematic, close, and consensual relationship with you our client, using agreed benchmarks.

We use empirically proven models in our research, and align all our solutions to globally accepted best practices.

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“We provide cost-effective staffing solutions to the Supply Chain industry” 

Our expertise enables us to source and short list only the most suitable personnel.  This minimises the potential for misaligned selection.  As part of our service, we can also provide Health Professions Council approved psychometric testing.

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